Objective- Make a Stop Motion Video using Graphic Animation.

Again you can either choose to make a storyboard or not.  You can start hands on and decide the action as you go along.

1) Choose your marking utensils, pencils, brushes, paints, markers, chalks. For this exercise example we will use white paint and plain pencil, the paint will be covering the pencil and so on.

2)Define your stage area. Paper works best but there are plenty of options colored, white, even newspapers or magazines, anything you can draw, paint on.

3)Place your tripod and set up your camera. Remember is best if it is completely parallel to your set might be flat.

4)Light. You can use natural light be careful with the glare.It is best if the light is diffused. If you are doing your shooting inside use artificial lighting and check in the screen if you need to compensate. It is not recommended to use flash, as the camera is on the tripod you can compensate.

5)Draw something and take the picture.

6)Cover it with white paint and take the picture

7) Repeat 5 & 6 over and over to see how your image shifts and transforms

: )