Objective – Make a cutout animation with newspaper or magazine cutouts.

There is no need to plan ahead but it is recommended that you choose one or two cutouts that you really like ..  to play with them and build a plot around them, later on more characters or objects can be added to the action.

1) Choose your characters or elements that will appear on screen and cut’em out carefully.

2)Define your stage area. Is it a piece of paper? or the floor ? or a table or the grass? you choose.

3)Place your tripod and set up your camera. Remember is best if it is completely parallel to your set as with cutouts the set might be flat.

4)Light. You can use natural light be careful with the glare. It is best if the light is diffused. If you are doing your shooting inside use artificial lighting and check in the screen if you need to compensate. It is not recommended to use flash, as the camera is on the tripod you can compensate.

5)Decide if the action starts in the middle of the screen or the side, up or down.

6)Now this is what makes it stop motion: place your cutout (character or whatever, word, thing) and move it carefully and in small increments while you take a photo of these slow increments.  Be sure not to interfere with the light, you can set a 2 second timer so it gives you time to move away.

So let’s play !!!